Website creation

Step 1. Get in touch. If you need a new website then all we need to get started are a few details. If the contact form seems inappropriate, just use the email address on the contact page to send whatever information you feel is relevant at this stage.

It helps if you provide a summary of what your organisation does and give us an outline of what you want your website to achieve for you. Please do not attach big files or dozens of images to your initial email – they can stop that all important first email from getting through.

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Step 2. Initial work. It is very difficult to produce an estimate at an early stage for what we would charge for a new WordPress sites.  We usually ask for a small upfront payment to get things underway. Once we know a little more, we can give an estimate for remaining work.

We will show you WordPress websites which are in different styles so that you can say which you prefer.  For example there is our UK wedding venue and bridal wear website REMEMBER, separate to sites like that, which uses WordPress, we also build non-Wordpress microsites which are single page websites like but containing all of your vital information with easy navigation.

Step 3. Evolution. Our preferred way of working is ‘evolution’. We believe that it is better to make lots of small changes rapidly than to try to get a detailed specification in advance. We want your website to emerge by a process of evolution – bad ideas quickly removed and good features built on.

With WordPress sites you can take it over and edit it yourself at any point. You are never locked in to a long term contract.

Our One Page Micro-sites are normally very quick to produce and agree.

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Step 4. Go live. Once you are happy with the site design it is time to ‘go live’. If we have been building the site on our internal facility then we will help you find the best website hosting service for you, then help you transfer the site to them.

With WordPress websites the choice of an appropriate host is one for discussion, depending upon the level of website traffic you are expecting.  One page micro-sites are not usually ‘website traffic heavy’ and we arrange the hosting with our standard providers unless you advise otherwise.