terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

This is the version of our T&Cs as at 2nd July 2021.

FirstM Ltd is a UK based business offering a simple service to build WordPress websites, and provide WordPress website maintenance services. During the remainder of this document, this service will be referred to as the FirstM Service.

By agreeing to have a website created or maintained by the FirstM Service you agree to these conditions.

  1. UK Law. UK law exclusively governs any and all legal disputes arising from the FirstM Service. FirstM Ltd is UK based and most business is in the UK.
  2. WordPress characteristics. WordPress is very helpful for clients who wish to maintain their own websites.  It can also be inflexible compared with a custom built website. By asking for a WordPress website, clients accept the strengths and limitations of the WordPress tool.
  3. Hosting. The FirstM Service does not provide hosting itself, except during development periods. Clients will be supported in finding the most appropriate thiird party hosting service for their needs once a site goes live.
  4. Website creation and improvement charges. The FirstM Service charges on an hourly basis (or half hourly pro-rata if appropriate) for work done. An estimate of cost is just that. However clients will always be informed in advance, with an option to cancel at that point, if work is likely to exceed estimate by more than 30%. See home page of this site for rate.
  5. Payment terms. For maintenance, 14 days. For website creation, payment in advance for initial work of 4 hours. Subsequent work payment in 10 days from invoice date.
  6. Late payment.  In the event of late payment the FirstM Service is entitled  to withhold rights to use of any images, graphics and themes it provided for use within the website concerned.
  7. Third Party Graphics etc. The FirstM Service will use third party graphics, photographs, and WordPress themes within client websites. These are licensed for use by the FirstM Service within client websites, and are sub-licensed to the client only for use in the website made or maintained. They must never be taken from the website and used in any other website, nor used in promotional and other leaflets, nor otherwise used.
  8. Cancellation. Clients have the absolute right to cancel their relationship with the FirstM Service at any time, and their liability is limited to the cost of outstanding invoices.
  9. Liability. The FirstM Service in no circumstances accepts liability for any direct or consequential loss that the client bears as a result of the FirstM Service performing or not performing its duties. The client has the absolute responsibility to check that the information shown on its website is correct, truthful and decent and not in breach of copyright or subject to other legal peril.
  10. Client images. Where a client supplies its own images to be used by the FirstM Service, it certifies by so doing that it has the rights to those images.