A choice of charts

A pagebuilder like WPBakery gives you a range of charts as standard. See below for some examples. They are pretty good for general websites, although users have to accept that they cannot fine tune every detail. Of course, a simple graphic can be substituted if these charts will not do.

(A) Pie Charts.  If you want a Pie-chart using the WPBakery page-builder then use the Round Chart tool. You can see an example on the left below. On the right is a screenshot of adding the data to the Round Chart Settings, General tab. The chart is set to show values on hover.

Farmyard Census

  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Cows

(B) Bar charts and Line Charts. Use the WPBakery Line Chart Tool for either of those. See the example below of a Bar Chart comparing crop yields in two regions, and the screenshot of the Line Chart Tool at the stage of entering the data for region 2.

Crop Yield

  • region A
  • region B